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How Are Ukrainian Girls?

Anytime Ukrainian girls go out, they dress fashionably even if it’s to simply take out the trash or just to pick something up from the store.

Ukrainian girls most certainly don’t smile for no reason either and when they do, it is genuine. So if she’s smiling or laughing when you talk with her, then you’re doing it right 🙂 They are pleasant to converse with and won’t be creeped out just by the fact that you attempt a conversation with them.

Whether minimum or maximum, lots of them take some form of physical fitness as an essential life routine. They definitely don’t go for the American version of body positivity. Not only will they be brutally honest to you, but also to themselves.

The biggest difference is the mindset; they think critically and aren’t so quick to self-victimization. It is not mainstream for them to abide political correctness or entitlement for no reason.

For example:

WESTERN GIRL: “Know your worth, girl!” or “No matter what, you’re special and unique.”

UKRAINIAN GIRL: “Well what exactly have you done to make yourself worthy/special/unique?”

This was the first thing I found about Ukrainian girls in the net. Source: Quora

Ukrainian girls value relationships, is written here. Relationships with Ukrainian girls are valued. An Ukrainian girl isn’t going to get shamed because she got into a committed relationship with a guy after dating him for two months. She isn’t going to hide you from her friends as long as possible—she’s going to want you to meet them and see if they approve.

In most cases Ukrainian girls just have more going on in their head than the Western counterparts. There is an innate curiosity about the world. A desire to learn and to broaden her intellectual capacity.

The author does not want to say that everything is perfect. Nothing ever is. It can be difficult at time dating a girl from a drastically different culture like Ukraine. But the pros absolutely outweigh the cons. The Ukrainian girl has added tremendous value to his life, and even has taught him a few things about the world.


What To Know About Ukrainian Girls Before You Go To Ukraine

Ukrainian girls like serious relationships. They are not excited about just dating around. Family values are very important in Ukraine.

Ukraine men are very direct to their women.

There is no gender equality in Ukraine. Men like to show they are man. Women like to show they are women. Men pay for everything.


30 Pros And Cons Of Dating A Ukrainian Girl

1) Ladies from Ukraine are gorgeous
2) Their family-oriented mindsets
3) You’ll get as much food as you can eat
4) Most Ukrainian girls for dating are great cooks
5) A Ukrainian girlfriend is a perfect candidate for the role of a best friend
6) Ukrainian girls are undemanding
7) These ladies know how to spend some quality time
8) You’ll win all the arguments
9) A Ukrainian girlfriend will always think that you make a lot of money
10) You’ll get the opportunity to explore a completely different culture
11) They have nothing against doing all the work about the house
12) A Ukrainian woman will always remain by your side
13) Ukrainian girls have no problem learning
14) Ukrainian girls like foreign guys
15) You don’t need visa to visit Ukraine

1) They can get too emotional
2) You may face cultural barrier
3) Be ready to eat the same food for a few days in a row
4) You’ll have to pay for her
5) You’ll always have to wait until she dresses up and does makeup
6) You’re going to hear a lot about politics in Ukraine
7) Your relationship will develop slowly
8) Ukrainian girls are afraid to leave their country
9) She may try to be the leader in your relationship
10) Ukrainians need visas to visit most European and American countries
11) You’re expected to look as good as her
12) Ukrainian girls are straightforward
13) That notorious language barrier
14) Jealousy
15) Long-distance relationships are hard to maintain

Source: here


5 Reasons NEVER To Date A Ukrainian Girl

Ukrainian girls see man as a provider. You need to pay. Always.

Ukrainian girls have no sense of humor.

Prevalence of scammers.

Ukrainian girls overestimate their value.

Ukrainian girls have awful behaviour on dates.


How To Impress A Ukrainian Girl

1st Never brag
2nd Make eye contact
3rd Check your appearance
4th Never criticize her
5th Respect her
6th Call her by her name and know how to speak it out correctly
7th Think first before you speak
8th Make her feel special
9th Listen to her
10th Don’t keep silent
11th Avoid sex topics
12th Be romantic
13th Be assertive
14th Slow physical connection
15th Be yourself – do not pretend

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The 4 Most Popular Questions Ukrainian Girls Like To Ask Foreign Guys

1st question: Why are you in Ukraine?

2nd question: How long will you stay in Ukraine?

3rd question: Are girls not beautiful in your country? Why do you want Ukrainian girl?

4th question: Why do you not have a girlfriend? Why are you not married?

Source: here


Ukrainian Girls Are Popular Among US-American, English, Italian And Saudi Men

The British newspaper “The Guardian” reports in 2014 about the Ukrainian romance industry. Mostly men from the USA, Britain, Italy and Saudi Arabia like to go to Ukraine in the hope to find a wife. Dating companies claim on their websites that finding a girl in Ukraine is like “dating a model, but with the values of your grandmother”. Most of them return to their countries alone. Read the full story here:


Would A Ukrainian Girl Marry A Black Man?

The first Ukrainian girl who was asked answered with a no. The second answered with “no” as well. Also the third Ukrainian girl is not excited about such idea. The same for the fourth girl who was asked. She would not marry a black man. The fifth girl said that she was in a friendly relation with a black man, but she did not answer with a “yes”. The 6th and the 7th girl were the first ones who answered with “yes”. The 8th would not. So from 8 Ukrainian girls only 2 would marry a black man.


What Ukrainian Girls In Odessa Think Of Foreign Guys?

Statements in the video:

  • some are too persistent
  • it’s good if they bring money to the Ukrainian economy
  • never had a bad experience
  • usually foreigners are very polite
  • I fell in love with one guy from the USA
  • we never fell in love with a foreigner
  • German guys are nice also Americans
  • I personally don’t mind at all to meet with foreign guys
  • They were all nice and friendly


Staring At Ukrainian Girls

A social experiment.

Ukrainian Girls And Online Dating

Ukraine is the best country in Europe for online dating, if you are a man searching for a woman, and the 8th best in the world. This was the result of the online dating study of

54% of all Ukrainian girls on dating websites replied to the first message. 74% of those 54% were ready to stay in contact and exchange more than just a few messages. At the end the possibility of a man to get a real date with a girl from Ukraine was 35,5%. That was the best value in Europe, and the 8th best in the world.

The most popular chat topic on those dating sites for Ukrainian girls was about profession and education. 33% of all conversations with Ukrainian girls were about profession and education. Talking about traveling was the least popular topic for Ukrainian girls. Only 3,3% of the online talks were about travels.


Ukrainian Girls And Politics

Ukrainian girls are very political. In the presidental elections of 2014 more females than males decided to vote, as it is shown in following infographics:

55% of the voters were female. Only 45% male.

The majority of Ukrainian girls is very patriotic and support conservative views.


The Relationship Status Of Ukrainian Girls

Ukrainian girls do not want to marry anymore. There is a 53% drop in marriages since 1991! It’s a giant drop even compared with the resent times. For instance, 304 thousand marriages were recorded in 2013. So, in just 3 years the number of marriages in Ukraine dropped by 25%.

At the same time, the divorce rate in Ukraine is on the rise. In 1990 only 192 thousand marriages ended in divorce, while 483 thousand coupled married (40% divorce rate). In 2016, there were 130 thousand divorces for 229 thousand marriages (56% divorce rate).

Source: here

Alcoholism, one of the fiercest pandemics tormenting Ukraine, destroys 20-25% of all marriages. Ukrainian statistics signal that children rarely hold marriages together, as up to 50% of divorces occur in families with children.

79% of Ukrainian girls got married following their emotions, while 15% were guided by reasonable motives.

Ukraine has one of the highest divorce rates in Europe.

Source: here


Which Foreign Men Are The Most Popular Among Ukrainian Girls?

Besides men from Western countries like USA, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, France and Germany, Chinese men are getting more and more popular among Ukrainian girls. Ulove, which matches ‘high-quality’ Chinese men to young, good-looking women in Ukraine, has more than 800,000 followers on Weibo. The men are attracted by the prospect of finding “true love”, a desire to father a cute, mixed-race child, and the status symbol of a young European girlfriend or wife. Source: here.

Ukrainian girls are increasingly married to foreigners. Over the past ten years, the number of mixed marriages in the country has doubled: in 2008, every 30th marriage was concluded with the foreigner but in 2017 – every 15th.

Foreign marriage ranking of Ukrainian girls:

1st Spain
2nd Israel
3rd USA
4th Turkey
5th Germany

Source: here


The Sex Life Of Ukrainian Girls

Almost 5% (4,9%) of Ukrainian girls aged 18 and older have never tried sex. 95,1% of population of Ukraine has already had sexual relations. These are results of survey, conducted by Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) according to the request by “Ukraine today” enterprise.

Less than a half of Ukrainian girls consider sex to be an important part in their lives. 17% of them think sex plays a very important role in their lives. A little more than 16% of Ukrainian girls believe sex to be something unimportant. Approximately 22% of the female respondents said that they did not think sex is important.

Almost half of Ukrainians girls (54%) had only one sex partner during the last year. Only 2.5% of respondents reported having had an intimate contact with more than one person during the before mentioned period. In the vast majority of these people (almost 2/3 of 2.5%) had 2 partners in the past year.

Source: here


10 Rules Ukrainian Girls Do Not Like in Bed

  1. Rule number one: never fall asleep immediately after sex! Ukrainian girls hate it. Such attitude makes them nervous. Maybe it’s at least worth saying something like: “Good night” to her before passing out.
  2. Monotonous sex. A lot of ladies find it too boring. Always try to diversify your intimate life with some role-playing games.
  3. Rough sex is also not a favorite thing for Ukrainian girls. It depends on your partner’s desire. If she wants such a variety, then do it, but constant rough sex may become annoying. Gentle touches and moves are the basis of any sexual relationships. Be a little more affectionate with your loved one.
  4. Sex in crowded or uncomfortable places. Of course, there are girls who enjoy that kind of extreme sex, but unfortunately, not all of them do it. Most Ukrainian women prefer a warm and soft bed to a restroom or a seat in a cinema.
  5. Unprotected sex. Don’t forget about protection before sex. Women love when their partners care about their health in advance.
  6. Photos and videos in bed. Unlike men, women don’t always prefer to be photographed or filmed during sex. The thing is that a Ukrainian girl cares about how she looks from the side, and her poor look on the video or photo will only disappoint your lady.
  7. Sex with the lights on. Ukrainian women prefer muffled light. It brings more romantic atmosphere to the process.
  8. Sticking objects on you, for example, a watch with a metal strap, etc. Such accessories must be removed before sex. Of course, if you and your girlfriend like pain, this piece of advice is not for you.
  9. The lack of experience and uncertainty of a partner are one of the main disadvantages, as most women rely on men’s initiative in bed. Be bolder. Don’t be afraid of women; otherwise, you’ll push them off.
  10. Sex without desire and excitement. If a woman doesn’t want it, then don’t even try. Or try to make her want you. You need to understand, at such moments, women get the feeling that they are just toys for men.

In conclusion, Ukrainian girls are sexy, passionate, and ready for new experiments. But before trying something new, you should ask your companion if she wants it.

Source: here


Sexual Harassment

It often happens that Ukrainian girls don’t want to make cases of sexual harassment public. In a patriarchal society (like Ukraine), women face significant constraints when reporting cases due to social stigma. Source: here

According to latest UN Report around 45 percent of Ukraine’s population (45 million) suffers violence – physical, sexual or mental – and most of them are girls. From the historical point of view the problem of violence against women in Ukraine was always surrounded by silence. There are not too many sources of official statistics to estimate how deep the problem is. Source: here.


Ukrainian Girls And Having Children

Ukrainian girls find it very important to raise their children to be both educated and well-mannered. They foster in their children at an early age – respect, hard work, the importance of studying and learning new things. They also will help your child to find a hobby to pursue. This is because Ukrainian girls believe it is important for a person to be well-rounded. Source: here.


How Ukrainian Girls Look Like?

Link gallery of famous Ukrainian girls

Alina Buryachenko from Nikolaev – TV presenter

Mila Kunis from Chernivtsi – Actress

Yuliya Mayarchuk from Odessa – Actress

Anne from Kiev – Model

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