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How Are German Girls? writes that German Girls are usually very polite and well-mannered. In this forum one user tells that when he dated a German girl she was painfully honest, very straightforward, tough, and she thought compliments are bullshit. She was easily ready for sex when he bought her flowers. A German girl in this forum confirms that and adds that they are great great down-to-earth pals as well. She also think that German girls are good for the wallett and save you money, because many of them don’t have a problem with sharing bills!! It might be that German girls don’t come across as being as feminine as anglo-american women (maybe that is only because of the different clothing style) although German girls have a different way of being femine. The biggest problem foreign guys seem to have with German girls is the honesty and straightforwardness.

In the same forum an English male, who was with a German girl for 2 years, tells that she always told if something was wrong (no matter how small!). He had to live by her rules (even how to shower!). She fished for compliments every 10 minutes (even repetitive). At the end the relationship failed because she had to to mention EVERY SMALL problem.

Another user experienced German girls mostly as feminists who hate men passionately.

German Girls Don’t Like To Receive Help

Here it is written that German girls find it offensive if a male offers help in carrying something heavy e.g. furniture when you’re moving. This doesn’t always happen but most of the times the response by the female is a bit derogatory towards the male, implying that she can manage herself and doesn’t need any help.

Are Germans Girls Reserved and Boring?

A user at thinks that German girls are reserved and boring: “The stereotype of Germans is that the are reserved and boring. I find that most German girls fit that stereotype.” Another confirms that they do not want to be touched. Touching them too early can really turn them off. The same goes for staring. Making short eye contact seems to be ok, but if someone keeps eye contact too long it will come off extremely awkward.

Lots of German girls are actually offended when someone stops to talk to them, knows another user in this forum. Direct approaches wont work. Men gotta go super indirect.
No matter how many times this user has been to a place in Germany he claimed he just moved there and feels lost. Even then the German girl will only tell exactly what was asked, and try to walk away. Small talk is not popular among German girls.

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A German Girl

Matadornetwork offers 7 reasons why you should never date a German girl.

1st reason: German cuisine is fat, and even if Germans avoid their own cuisine, their favourite foreign alternatives are not much better: pizza, pasta and kebab.
2nd reason: If you come 5 minutes early to a date, you are almost “too late”.
3rd reason: Learning German is not enough. Be prepared that you also have to learn the local dialect, which is sometimes already like learning one more language. Be aware that there are more than 250 different dialects in Germany.
4th reason: You won’t impress a German girl. German girls don’t need a man to survive, so impressing her won’t be easy.
5th reason: 7 years of bad sex. In Germany, not making eye contact while clinking glasses is considered to bring you seven years of bad sex.
6th reason: A German girl is going to drink you under the table. Because beer and wine are legal to drink by the age of 16, and hard liquor at 18, Germans learn how to drink early and a lot. They consume the most beer after the Czechs and Chinese.
7th reason: She is driving her car too fast. Germany is the only country where it’s permitted to drive as fast as someone wants on certain parts of the highway.

More Reasons Why You Should Never Date A German Girl

An obviously German user at Quora found even more reasons why you should never date a German girl. He complains that German girls …

  • are not very pretty at all.
  • have dominant noses.
  • harsh facial features.
  • are too tall.
  • are often overweight (appr. 40% of German girls are overweight and almost every 4th is adipose, i.e. heavily overweight).
  • do not care for themselves as much as women in most other European nations.
  • do not dress up as much when going out.
  • think that dressing feminine is not a good idea.
  • dress like males.
  • can’t walk in high heels.
  • do not care about fashion trends.
  • do not care about their hairstyle.
  • are not flirtatious but often very direct instead of playful, bordering on the rude.
  • have no dating culture. Studies show that Germans tend to find partners at work. This shows that German girls are not very open minded when it comes to meeting someone.

Quite a lot of complaints. A German girl in this discussion also adds that 50 percent of German girls do not wear any make up. So for someone who likes natural girls, this could be a reason to date a German girl.

And What Are The Reasons Why You Should Date A German Girl?

    • German girls match an international beauty ideal. Blond, very tall, blue eyed, very fair skin. Most German top models are from Northern Germany, Hamburg is first, Berlin is second.
    • German girls are disciplined and educated
    • Like mentioned above: 50 percent of German girls do not use make up, so German girls are one of the most natural girls in the world.

How To Impress A German Girl?

This question is answered here. Talking about politics, technology or current affairs can be a huge turn on for them, since they seek men who challenge them on an intellectual level. Avoid shallow talks about the food or the weather. Such kind of topics usually bore them.

You Know You Are Dating A German When …

  • if you do not know her, don’t get too close and personal
  • she wants to be seen as equal (be careful making decisions for her)
  • there is definitely no vagueness when making plans
  • don’t make her wait
  • develop your own opinion and know how to old your own to impress her
  • talking about politics, technology, or current affairs can be a huge turn on for them
  • she is downright honest (sometimes it’s highly discouraging)
  • if she likes you, you will definitely know it

How A German Girl Reacts On A Street Flirt

How to approach girls in Germany is the title of this video. Mexican Dave Perrotta wants to show with hidden camera how to approach girls in Germany. But the first girls he meet are from Argentina. In the second attempt a guy from the north of Denmark found a German girl to talk with. He starts with compliments and gets her into a conversation. But when he asks for her phone number her first behaviour does not show any excitment. Although he tried really hard, he did not get it. In the third approach the “Mexican” again fails to meet a German girl. This time she is from the USA. In the fourth approach it is again the turn of the “Danish guy”. He gets into the conversation by asking for Starbucks. But the girl he chose to talk is from Italy. So only 1 out of 4 girls they met on the street was actually a German girl. Conclusion: it’s not that easy to meet a German girl in Germany. And if you find a German girl, she won’t be excited to know you better. Only girl of the 4 (5) who did not give her contact details was the German one.

German Girls And Online Dating

The internet is one of the worst places for dating a German girl. A study revealed that from 60 different nations, Germany is the 4th worst in dating a girl online. Only 36 percent reply to a message. The chance of meeting a German girl from internet in real life is about 9 percent. This is, compared to the rest of the world, extremly low. The favourite topic of German girls at online dating websites is everyday life, which confirms the assumption that they are quite boring. In the online study not one single German girl was ready to talk about religion or politics.

German Girls Prefer to Live In The Western Parts Of Their Country

In a TV report of RT from June 2008 it was told that German girls flee the Eastern parts of Germany because of social problems:

German Girls And Politics

German girls love Angela Merkel. In the last election 2017 Angela Merkel received almost 40 percent of votes among female voters. 10 percent more as among male voters. Also Socialdemocrats are very popular among German girls. They received 20 percent. Slightly over 10 percent is the Green party. Slightly under 10 percent the rest: Liberals, Former Communist Party, and right wing AfD.

The Relationship Status Of German Girls

The majority of German girls prefer to live alone without a partner and children. The amount of single German girls is increasing year by year, reports the German magazine Stern here. Not even 5 percent of families in Germany have more than 3 children, which also includes child-rich migrant families. 41 percent of Germans live in one-person households. In Hamburg even 54 percent.

Most of German girls choose a partner with the same educational level. In more than half (61%) of the 21 million couples in Germany in 2009, the two partners had the same or a similar educational qualification, is written here.

German Girls Prefer Men In Same Age

German girls do not like big age differences. Only 6 percent of German girls who are in a relationship have a partner with an age difference of more than 10 years. Nearly half (47%) had just a slight age difference of between one and three years. As many as every tenth couple had exactly the same age.

Irrespective of the extent of the age difference, however, the traditional age distribution — the man being older than the woman — is the most frequent structure. That was the constellation in about three quarters (73%), while it was the other way round in just 17% of the couples (source:

Why Are So Many German Girls Single?

Statista explains that a lot of German girls have very high demands in their partner. Demands which are not realistic or easy to find. Others are very fine living alone. They do not need a man to lead a happy and financially independent life.

Which Foreign Men Are The Most Popular Among German Girls?

The most popular group of foreign men for German girls are Turks, is shown in this graphics. Almost 2 out of 10 German girls marry a Turkish man. 12,4% are married with an Italian. Austrian men are second by 6,6%. 4th place is the UK by 4,6%, followed by the Netherlands with 4,5%. Also men from the USA, Russia, Poland, France and Spain are rather popular among German girls. Compared to the choice of German men, we can reduce the statistics to a simple stereotype, it would be “German girls prefer Mediterranean men (incl. Turkish)” and “German men prefer Eastern European women.”

The Sex Life Of German Girls

German girls enjoy very long foreplays. Expect to have more than 22,2 minutes. This is the result of the Global Sex Survey. In the foreplay ranking German girls are on the second rank world wide. Only English girls have longer foreplay (22,5 minutes).

German girls receive their sex education with already 11 years and 3 months, shows this study. This is the lowest age world wide!

German girls have not more than 6 different sex partners in a life time. This is one of the lowest values in the world.

30 percent of the German girls have unprotected sex. Also this is quite low compared to the rest of the world.

2 percent of German girls had unplanned pregnancy under 16 years. 1 percent between 17 and 18 years. Another 2 percent had an unplanned pregnancy older than 18 years. 5 percent of German girls experienced a sexualy transmitted infection.

47 percent of German girls are happy with their sex life. 11 percent claim to have a boring sex life, and 36 percent want to have more sex.

11 percent had an extra marital affair. 12 percent of German girls already experienced sex with three persons. 15 percent have homosexual experience. 4 percent practice sado maso. 20 percent like bondages or masks. 32 percent use lubricant. 20 percent use a vibrator. 29 percent like anal sex. 36 percent are open for one night stands or already practiced it.

36 percent of German girls had sex in the car. 22 percent in the bedroom of the parents. 21 percent in the garden. 28 percent on the toilet. 2 percent in an aeroplane. 5 percent in public transport. 26 percent in a park. 9 percent in a club. 6 percent at work. 22 percent on the beach. 8 percent at school. 7 percent infront of a camera. 6 percent in an alleyway, and 26 percent at a party.

German girls have 104 times sex a year.

Sexual Harassment

43 percent of German girls said they had been sexually harassed or abused at least once in their lifetime (source:

In a survey of the European Union following data were published here: 7 percent of German girls experienced sexual harassment by their current partner, 24 percent by their previous partner, and 24 percent by strangers. German girls take the 9th place in the sexual harassment ranking of the European Union.

In the world rape statistics Germany takes the 43th rank of 119 countries. The amount of rapes per 100.000 citizens are 9,4. There was a drop in rapes between 2004 and 2008. Since 2009 rapes in Germany are increasing again (source: here).

Violence Against German Girls

25% of German girls experience violence during the relationship through their partners. 51% of them through their previous partners (source: here).

German Girls As Stalking Victims

24% of German girls experienced stalking since the age of 15 years. 4% of them in the past 12 months (source: here).

German Girls And Having Children

German girls do not like to give birth. The average of 1,6 is one of the lowest birth rates world wide. But if they have a child, they place a high value on independence and responsibility in their upbringing. German girls do not push their children to read. They think that social learning is more important than reading, writes one English author who lives in Berlin here. German girls also encourage their kids to play with fire. They also let their children go almost everywhere alone. Most grade school kids walk without their parents to school and around their neighborhoods. Some even take the subway alone. German parents are concerned about safety, of course, but they usually focus on traffic, not abductions.

How German Girls Feel About The Dating Preferences Of Their Children

50%-59% of German girls would feel comfortable if one of her children was in a relationship with a Black person

50%-59% of German girls would feel comfortable if one of her children was in a relationship with an Asian person

40%-49% of German girls would feel comfortable if one of her children was in a relationship with a Muslim

60%-69% of German girls would feel comfortable if one of her children was in a relationship with a Jew

70%-79% of German girls would feel comfortable if one of her children was in a relationship with a White person

40%-49% of German girls would feel comfortable if one of her children was in a relationship with a Roma person

90%-100% of German girls would feel comfortable if one of her children was in a relationship with a Christian person

80%-89% of German girls would feel comfortable if one of her children was in a relationship with an Atheist person

9% of German girls think that some races are born less intelligent than others

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