Online Dating: How girls maximize their incoming messages

Online Dating: How women maximize their incoming messages

Which kind of profile photos men attracts the most to write a message

10 different profile photos of a young lady at online dating sites around the globe – see the reactions 

The study wanted to reveal following questions:

  • Which profile photos bring the maximum of incoming messages?
  • Are there some regions in this world where certain profile photos are more popular than in others?
  • Which kind of profile photos are more popular among younger men?
  • How the profile photo affects the type of incoming message?


The age of the young lady in this online dating study was 18 years.

The 10 different profile photos according to their share of incoming messages:


10th rank – girl with dog – 3,77%

Girl with Dog Online Dating Mädchen mit Hund

This photo was the least popular in incoming messages. Only 3,77% of all incoming messages revert to this profile photo. Conclusion: if a woman do not like to receive a lot of messages, take a photo with a dog.

The most popular region for that picture was Western Europe. 26,67% of all messages came from Western European men.

Men from the south or the east of Europe showed almost no reaction at all. The same also in Northern Africa and Asia. The excitment for women with dogs is quite modest there.


9th rank – face selfie: 4,27%

Online Dating Selfie

A selfie of woman with her face is not that popular among men: second last rank.

Men from USA and Canada as well as from the Middle East showed the biggest interest. The lowest interest was shown by men from Latin America.


8th rank – girl with cat: 4,52%

girl with cat - mädchen mit katze

Profile photo with dog or cat – both usually do not excite men who are searching for a partner. The cat is just a little bit more popular if the girl has to have a pet. Only 4,52% of the men wrote a message to the profile with that profile photo.

Men from the north of America, the Near East, and the east of Europe liked this photo the most. The lowest interest was shown by men from Far East, the Middle East, Northern Africa and Latin America.


7th rank – body selfie infront of mirror: 6,03%

Selfie Körper Mädchen Girl Online Dating

The first negative trend can be seen clearly after the first 4 places at the end of the ranking. Profile photos of girls with pets or selfies do not motivate men a lot to write a message.

Selfies who were made infront of a mirror to show the whole body are most popular among men from Northern Africa. 24 percent of all messages to this photo came from North African men. The second rank goes to men from the south of Europe by 20 percent of all messages.

The biggest dislike about such kind of profile photo can be seen among men from the whole Asian region from Turkey to Japan.


6th rank – girl in a restaurant: 6,27%

Online Dating Restaurant girl mädchen frauen

On the 6th rank comes the profile photo with the girl in the restaurant. But the reaction was rather modest by just 6,03% of all messages to this photo.

The most popular region of this photo was the west of Europe by 26,92% of all messages. The second rank goes to the men from the south of Europe by 23,08%, and the third to men from USA and Canada by 19,23%.

Men from Far East, the Middle East, but also from Latin America showed the least interest. Looks like profile photos from girls in restaurants does not attract them a lot.


5h rank – girl in elegant dress: 6,29%

girl in fancy clothes mädchen in eleganter kleidung

This profile photo got almost the same amount of messages as the picture with the girl in the restaurant. 

Especially Arab men showed the biggest excitment to that photo. 29,17% of all messages were sent from Arab men of the Middle East. The second biggest group who sent the most messages to this profile photo were Arab men from the north of Africa by 20,83%. Conclusion: if you want to date Arab men online, jump into such a graceful dress.

The least interest showed men from the Near East. But also men from the south of Europe reacted to that photo reserved.


4th rank – short skirt inside a building: 7,29%

Girl with long legs beautiful legs schöne Beine nackte Beine sexy

By more than 7% of all messages this kind of profile photo is clearly more successful than all the others so far. Showing legs seems to bring an advantage in receiving a lot of messages.

Men from the north of America showed their biggest excitment in sending messages by 26,92%, followed by men from the Middle East (23,08%) and men from Western Europe by 15,38%.

Almost no reactions were seen by men from Northern Africa and the south of Europe.


3rd rank – girl doing sports: 15,08%

sporty girl woman lady sexy sportliches mädchen sport

This photo received more than 15 percent of all messages. This is the first real big gap compared to all the other pictures so far. Seems sporty girls are popular among men world wide. But two kind of profile photos are even more popular …

Especially men from the west of Europe like to contact girls who show their sporty nature on their profile photo. 18,97% of the messages were from Western European men. But also men from the Middle East like sporty girls. Their amount of messages were almost the same. Sporty girls are also popular in Canada and the USA. 13,79% of all messages were sent from that region of the world.

In which parts of the world sporty girls are not that popular? Very modest reactions were seen in the east of Europe, Sub Saharan Africa, and Australia. But also men from the north of Europe seems like to prefer girls who do not show their sporty lifestyle in their profile photo. Only 3,45% of men from Northern European countries sent a message.


2nd rank – girl with book: 16,83%

Girl with book buch mädchen reading lesen

Girl with book on the 2nd rank. Literate girls seems to be quite popular around the world. If the girl shows herself reading a book on her profile photo, she can expect a lot of messages.

Especially men from the Middle East went crazy for this kind of profile photo. 23,88% of all messages were sent from Middle Eastern men. The second biggest group were men from the south of Europe by 14,93%. The third biggest group were men from Western Europe by 13,43%.

Men from Sub Saharan Africa and Latin America showed almost no reaction. No motivation to send a message when they see a photo of a girl with a book.


1st rank – whole body outside in the nature: 29,65%

sexy girl  beautiful girl nature natur body körper

The winner photo. Almost 30 percent of all messages were sent to this profile photo. Girl with the whole body, normally dressed, outside in the nature. This is the type of profile photo men clearly likes the best. 

This photo got the most response from Middle Eastern men by 28,57%, followed by men from Western Europe (17,65%), and Northern African men by 11,76% of all messages.

Pure ignorance to this photo was shown by men from Sub Saharan Africa. This region was the only exception, because this picture got record response from all parts of the world.


Which profile photo to choose to get messages from younger men?


10th rank – face selfie – average age: 28,65 years

girl selfie face online dating survey

Older men like this profile photo more than younger men. The average age of men who sent a message to this photo was 28,65 years. This makes the last place in the ranking.


9th rank – short skirt inside a building – average age: 28,21 years

girl with long legs online dating survey

Shirt skirt in the inside of a building attracts more older men than the younger ones. 


7th rank – girl with cat – average age: 27,78 Jahre

girl with cat frau mit katze

Older men prefer women with cats on profile photos of online dating websites. For younger men such combination is less attractive.


7th rank – girl with book – average age: 27,51 years

girl book

A girl with book on the 7th rank. Still a combination to attract older men.


6th rank – body outside in the nature – average age: 27,29 years

girl in nature

The most popular profile photo attracts younger and older men in the same way. 


5th rank – girl in the restaurant – average age: 27,28 years

girl restaurant

The same for the girl in the restaurant. Loved by older and younger men.


4th rank – girl in elegant dress – average age: 27,04 years

girl in fancy dress

Women in elegant dresses are more attractive for younger men. Average age of all men who sent a message: 27,04 years.


3rd rank – girl doing sports – average age: 26,65 years

sporty girl

The more sporty the profile photo of the woman, the younger the men who send a message.


2nd rank – girl with dog – average age: 25,27 years

girl with dog

Older men do not like photos of girls with dogs. If you do not want older men sending messages to you, add your profile photo which includes you with a dog.


1st rank – body selfie infront of a mirror – average age: 25,13 years

Körper Selfie Body girl woman

A selfie made infront of a mirror which shows the whole body. Such a profile photo gets the maximum messages from younger men. Older men usually will stay away.


Which kind of profile photo provokes which type of message?


Message type: Hi 

Profile photos sorted in ascending order according to the share of their incoming messages which included a simple “Hi”.

Which profile photos provoked mostly the shortest and unimaginativest messages?


10th rank – 5,56%

girl with cat


9th rank – 11,76%



8th rank – 13,32%

girl with dog


7th rank – 13,34%

long legs girl


6th rank – 20%

fancy dress


5th rank – 23,32%

sporty girl


4th rank – 23,34%



3rd rank – 24%



2nd rank – 25,93%

girl in restaurant


1st rank – 26,87%

girl with book

The shortest and unimaginativest messages were provoked by the girl with the book. The picture which usually should offer the biggest amounts of questions to get into a conversation.


Message type: Hi, how are you? 

Also quite trite and without any creativity: “Hi, how are you?” But at least a bit longer than just “Hi”. 

9th rank – 8%

girl with fancy clothes


8th rank – 11,10%

girl restaurant


7th rank – 11,12%

girl cat


6th rank – 13,33%

girl sports


5th rank – 14,93%

girl book


4th rank – 16,67%

girl with long legs


3rd rank – 17,65%

mädchen im bademantel


2nd rank – 20%

girl body


1st rank – 23,33%

nice girl

The “Hi, how are you?” message type was mostly used for the profile photo, which was made outside in the nature, and turned out to be the most popular profile photo in the study.


Message type: a long copied message

Which profile photos provoked long and copied messages? Never ending introductions of the sender, which were just written one time, and then always copied again and again …


8th rank – 3,7%

girl restaurant


7th rank – 5,88%


6th rank – 7,46%


5th rank – 7,5%


4th rank – 15%


3th rank – 23,33%


2th rank – 32%


1st rank – 33,33%

The profile photo of the girl with the cat is the biggest provocation for a man to send a long copied text to the girl.


Message type: a creative question

Which kind of profile photo motivates the man to ask a creative question? 

10th rank – 4%


9th rank – 6,67%


8th rank – 8%


7th rank – 11,11%


6th rank – 14,17%


5th rank – 19,4%


4th rank – 20%


3rd rank – 22,22%


2nd rank – 26,67%


1st rank – 41,18%

The most creative questions were asked when the men saw the face selfie of the girl as a profile photo. But also the photo of the girl doing sports created some creativity in the mens message.


Message type: a creative statement

Which profile photo caused a creative statement or a funny remark?


10th rank – 8%


9th rank – 13,33%


8th rank – 14,81%


7th rank – 17,5%


6th rank – 17,65%


5th rank – 17,91%


4th rank – 22,22%


3rd rank – 23,33%


2nd rank – 24%


1st rank – 53,33%

Girl with dog as a profile photo on your online dating profile is a good way to get a lot of creative statements and funny remarks. 


Message type: a lewd statement

The last message type in the study. A lewd statement. What were the profile photos which provoked such a message type most likely?


10th rank – 5,88%


9th rank – 8,33%


8th rank – 13,33%


7th rank – 13,43%


6th rank – 14,17%


5th rank – 16,66%


4th rank – 16,68%


3rd rank – 22,22%


2nd rank – 24%


1st rank – 28%

The majority of lewd messages were caused by the girl in the elegant dress. Second was the selfie in the mirror with the same dress. So looks like such a dress triggers lewd statements a lot. Another trigger for lewd statements is a photo of a girl in a restaurant. For whatever reason.