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How Are Brazilian Girls?

The most impressive statement about Brazilian girls I read in a posting of the rooshvforum: Chatting to a Brazilian girl and not getting laid can be a more enjoyable experience than chatting with an American girl and getting laid. 

The first facts of Brazilian girls were found at Charisma on Command: eye contact is huge. So one of the best ways to start a conversation with a Brazilian girl is just to walk around making friendly eye contact with everyone and seeing who holds. Conversely, one of the ways to ruin a conversation before it starts is by breaking eye contact with a girl from Brazil who is staring at you. Second fact: Portuguese language is not a must. Brazilian girls are well educated and most of them speak pretty well English. Third: be direct, if you are not direct, a girl from Brazil will think you are not interested. Don’t be sarcastic. Brazilian girls dislike sarcasm. Being incredibly affectionate is normal. Proactively greet Brazilian girls with cheek kisses. Touch them to make a point. And if you’re speaking to a girl you’re interested in at a party, put a hand on her waist or an arm around her shoulder. This is absolutely normal protocol here and not doing it is going to send very confusing signals to Brazilian girls. Kissing a girl from Brazil isn’t a huge deal. Sometimes in Brazil, girls kiss guys for fun and then wander off to do something else. Sometimes they kiss men they aren’t even interested in, just to kiss someone. Flakiness is a way of life in Brazil. So if you agreed to a date, do not take it for granted that she will appear.

  • If you are a gringo any Brazilian girl will associate you with money.
  • There are two groups of Brazilian girls: one dates foreigners, the other group never does.
  • Brazilian girls take care about their looks very much.
  • Brazilian girls love high heels.
  • Brazilian girls are very direct.
  • Brazilian girls are used to aggressive guys who kiss quickly.
  • If a Brazilian girl gives you her number, do not wait too long to give her a call.
  • If you date a girl from Brazil – keep it simple. It does not need to be expensive or complicated. The cheaper the better.
  • Do not try to impress Brazilian girls. Brazilian girls prefer a relaxed atmosphere without bragging.

Source: here

  • Brazilian girls are strong
  • Brazilian girls are jealous
  • Brazilian girls love fashion
  • Brazilian girls are sexy
  • Brazilian girls like to touch

Source: here

Brazilian Girls Like Long Relationships

Brazilian girls tend to have long relationships once they start seeing a guy (source here).

The Hype About Brazilian Girls

Don’t believe the hype about Brazil being a pussy paradise where you can pull a group of 8’s and above with no status. This is only true if you are paying for it (source: here).

Are Brazilian Girls The Worst To Marry?

At someone asked if Brazilian girls are really the worst to marry. A friend of him said he caught “60 minutes” show in regards to which foreign girls are the worst to marry….apparently Brazilian came in at #1. The author couldn’t get the details on to why, but it was told it has something to do with their culture….they like to marry men for money, gold diggers pretty much.

The top answer of this question was posted by someone who is already 9 years married to a girl from Brazil. He thinks that it can’t be told like this, and always depends what the man wants to find in the Brazilian girl of his dreams. If his desire is based on the sexual charge of beaches, carnival, and parties, then you will likely find the wrong girl in Brazil. A good looking women who wants money or a visa, will use her looks to get it. she will prey on men who’s perception of Brazilian girls is sexually based. It is inevitable that the two will find each other.

His advice: don’t look for a Brazilian girl because of some kind of sexual perception. He has personally met guys who had married Brazilian girls that ran off with other guys once they came to America. But, he has also met couples who are very happy together. As for him, he can say his Brazilian wife is awesome. He wouldn’t trade her for anything. She was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Why Brazilian Girls Are Hot And Gorgeous? knows 6 answers. Here they are:

  • Race mixing: slave owners picked the best looking black girls. During slavery white slave owners in Brazil chose the best looking black girls for sex. Pregnancies out of such relations were quite normal in those times. It was a natural process that only the best looking black girls passed on their genes into the next generation. The result we see today. Brazilian men are not that beautiful as Brazilian girls, can be read at Not sure if this is scientifical confirmed and approved, but at least it is an interesting theory.
  • Mystery: nobody can explain the beauty of the German descendants in the south of the country.
  • Fitness: Brazilian girls are one of the fittest in the world. This is their lifestyle.
  • Predominance: Know that in small towns of the interior of Minas Gerais and São Paulo and Rio, the percentage of beautiful women is very high.
  • Food: Brazil has a balanced food culture. Obese girls are not well seen here.
  • Climate: Brazil is a tropical country. Skin is a visible factor. You can’t hide a bad body in public, like in Europe during winter. This is a motivation to keep a good shape of the body 365 days in a year.

10 Reasons To Date Brazilian Girls

  • Brazilian girls are known for their exotic beauty
  • Brazilian girls are very friendly and outgoing in nature
  • Brazilan girls are comfortable with physical contact
  • Brazilian girls are ambitious
  • Brazilian girls are family oriented
  • Brazilian girls are super models – Brazil has some of the best models in the world
  • Brazilian girls make any carnival special
  • Brazilian girls have best bikini bodies
  • Brazilian girls have the most amazing smiles
  • Brazilian girls love soccer

Source: here

4 Reasons Not To Date Brazilian Girls

  • Can be superficial
  • You will have to get to know her family and make an effort to spend time with them
  • Often have crazy tempers (often means crazy sex)
  • Often crazy jealous (often means crazy sex)

Source: here

You Know You Are Dating A Brazilian Girl

  • likes to wear tight dresses
  • likes to talk on the phone
  • likes to dance at home
  • comes too late to dates
  • if you like her, you need to show your interest
  • she wants compliments
  • she enjoys kissing – everywhere
  • she is possessive
  • if you have a car, you need to bring her home – show you are a man who cares

How To Approach Brazilian Girls?

The best places to approach Brazilian girls are on the bar of the beach. It can start on the street, but even then it will end up in one of those two places.

Do following:

  • Compliment her dress
  • Talk about the music
  • Talk about the weather
  • Even ask her to teach you a Portuguese phrase

But no matter what you do, you will know in three milliseconds whether or not she’s attracted to you.

Source: here

In this video a man approaches girls in Brazil. But the first one he meets is from Argentina. The second seems to be from Brazil, but her English is very poor. At the end he gets her number. The third did not speak English at all. He tried to invite her to his boat, but she didn’t understand a single word. In the fourth and fifth attempt he approached whole groups of Brazilian girls on the beach and asked for their numbers. He did not succeed. At the end of the video it turns out that he also got some numbers from Brazilian girls in groups.

How To Have Sex With Brazilian Girls

Knowing how to have sex in Brazil is as natural as skiing is to a Scandinavian (source: here).

In Brazil men are powerful, masculine and aggressive. Females are feminine, and follow the man’s lead. Everyone grows up being very sexually open.

And with Brazilian girls, things are always cut and dry.
– If you approach one and she is not into you, she will kindly rebuff you, and move on.
– But if she is into you, she will do everything in her feminine power to help you.

Rio is the best place to try. People who frequent Brazil seem to be in agreement that Rio is the best place for the purpose of courting Brazilian girls. But once you set foot in Brazil, you will realize that Brazilian girls are sexual, but they are not easy. It’s very unlikely that you’ll sleep with a Brazilian girl the first time you meet her.

Kiss her after few minutes of talking. Your hands should be all over her to reward her for all of the positive attention that she’s giving you. After a few more minutes of kissing her and running your hands all over her slim body, you invite her home. She will probably say no. But she will give you her number and expect you to follow up so that she doesn’t have to say no in the future.

Source: here

How To Attract and Keep Brazilian Girls

There is a post in the Rooshv Forum how to avoid mistakes with Brazilian girls if you are a foreigner in Brazil.

A user complains how difficult it can be to attract and keep a high quality Brazilian girl. He recognize common mistakes that foreign guys make in the seduction process of Brazilian girls.

Escalating too slowly
If a girl in Brazil makes eye contact with you, it is your duty to go up to her and attempt to make out with her within 20 minutes. Maybe even less depending on how warmly she receives you.

Don’t waste your time
Its important to recognize when a set isn’t going to go anywhere and when you need to eject and try again somewhere else.

Focus on her and nothing else
When a Brazilian girl is in to you and shows clear signs of interest, forget trying to make a good impression on her friends. Forget your friends. Forget whatever other girls are around you. Forget everything.

Have your own space
If you’re here for a short time, make sure you have your own apartment, or at the very least your own room. Forget hostels. Try to avoid shared living arrangements. Get your own place on Airbnb or rent a hotel room.

Brazilian girls don’t like clowns
Avoid being a clown. Avoid trying to act too funny.

Don’t be mysterious
Avoid trying to act too mysterious. Brazilian girls don’t like playing a guessing game.

Don’t be cocky
Brazilian girls don’t like guys who are too stuck up and overconfident.

Don’t be sarcastic
Black humor is not popular in Brazil.

Care about your reputation
If you stay longer in Brazil, take care about your reputation.

What a Brazilian Girl Wants From A Man

A girl wants to feel desired and loved! And the author of an article here adds something important about Brazilian girls: besides love and sex, she would like to feel protected by her man. She is an independent woman, but by our history and culture, the Brazilian girl would like also to see her man take care some issues.

They want men want to take off their clothes and visually bathe their body in tenderness, gentleness. Women want to feel the heat of his mouth burning her skin as if it would be the last flame. While a woman may be hasty, she also wants to be taken slowly. She wants to feel that each centimeter of her body is tamed, as if it had, at last, opened a map of pleasure. It would be better if everything were not merely pleasure, but that her sexual experience had interest, intimacy, and intensity.

More than just giving, a woman wants to deliver herself. She wants to be consumed by her sexual experience; to be possessed with affection and respect. She wants what Zélia Duncan (Brazilian Singer) so prettily sings, in the music “Sentimento” (Felt): “… Transfer to my body your feelings, that I can feel your pain, your moans, and to understand why I want you…”.

Different Types Of Brazilian Girls

In the same posting, the different types of Brazilian girls are introduced.

The Novinha
This girl is young, shy and inexperienced. She might give you signs that she is interested, but she is too concerned about the judgement of her friends to act on her desires. You’ll have to win over her friends and you might have to invest a long series of encounters before you get what you’re looking for with this girl.

The Patricinha
You’ll meet this girl at upper class venues and the most expensive baladas. Though she is dressed to impress with high heels, short skirts and immaculate makeup, its all for show. She is more concerned with looking pretty for facebook pictures and having a good time with her friends than in hooking up with random guys. She probably doesn’t speak any English and your approach will be met with attitude. Unless you have fluent Portuguese, approach like a Brazilian and are persistent almost to the point of insanity, you won’t get anywhere with this girl at night.
Better to meet her during the day or through social circle. Its been said that the best pickup line for a foreign guy to use in Brazil is “Do you speak English?” but this is not true. The best pickup line is when a third party introduces you with, “Você conhece meu amigo Safado?” Its best if its actually a friend of hers, but it sometimes works if you and a buddy roll up to a set and he introduces you this way.

The Brazuca
This girl has lived abroad, has dated foreign guys before, speaks really good English, or just in general has a strong interest in foreign cultures and getting out of Brazil. Typically works as an English teacher. These are the easiest girls to get with because they are more familiar with your kind.
Not every Brazuca will be in to you, but if you can tap into a niche of them you’ll do better. Also, a lot of guys get the idea that these girls only want a green card from you but that is rarely the case. That’s a toxic idea that can poison your game. Most Brazilian girls, even though they say they want to get out, would never actually leave Brazil, and if they did, never for more than a few years.
The author says that he has a 100% close rate with girls who have shirts with American flags on using the opener, “Are you American?”

The drunk girl roaming around alone at the club
If a girl is walking around alone without her friends and has been drinking, she is looking for you. Let her know that it was you that she was looking for and follow the instructions from number 4 above.

The friendly feminist
Hair cut down to her shoulders. Tattoos. Posts stuff on facebook about gender inequality and wage gaps and slut walks and blah blah blah. She might call herself a feminist, but all that means to her is that she can hook up with lots of guys and not be judged for it. She latches on to this idea because it gives her greater sexual freedom. She doesn’t actually hate men, she just wishes she wasn’t judged by them.
If you meet her at night and she makes eye contact with you, its on. Follow the rules above and you’re in. Extra points if you espouse pro-slut beliefs and make her believe that a girl who sleeps with a guy on the first night is long term relationship material.

The unfriendly feminist
Guy type hair. Small breasts. Tattoos. Wears jeans. Posts about rape culture on facebook. Hates men. If you go out enough you’ll eventually meet a girl like this, but they are quite rare. Despite her unfriendly appearance guys still approach her and she makes them regret it. If you are too cocky she might cockblock you from her friends.

The princess
This is a high quality girl, feminine, dresses well, pleasant to talk to. The kind of girl that guys used to go to war over. She prefers to be in a long term relationship or to hook up with one of her discreet fuck buddies. When you meet this girl she will receive you very warmly. She will make strong eye contact, laugh at your jokes, touch your arm and make you think that she is in to you. She might even be, but she isn’t going to hook up with you, at least not yet.
If you want to get with her you’ll have to play some version of beta orbiter game where you are friends with her while still keeping some sexual tension and being at the right place at the right time. You’ll need to be a part of her social circle and be good friends with her close girl friends. It’ll take a lot of effort to get with one of these girls, and once you go through all of that you’ll probably be with her for a while. Many guys end up marrying the princess.

The fuck me eyes
This girl went out with one purpose in mind. When she sees you she will use all the tricks in the book to get you to approach. She will stare you down until you approach. She might even have a friend come over and ask if you think she is cute. She might even approach you herself.
These girls aren’t that common but they are god’s gift to man. They make the process so very easy. To get approached like this you either have to have serious swag, be very fit or be a tall blonde gringo. You should try kissing this girl almost immediately and bring her home within a half hour.

The student
This girl is young, inexperienced, poor and maybe a little shy. She might not get out that much, and when she does its with a group of other students. The only male attention these girls get is from other guys in her class, who tend to not have game or resources. If you happen to meet this girl on the rare occasion that she does go out, and its not at a college party, you’ll be very happy. You might not be able to close her that night, but one or two dates later you’ll be glad you waited.

The cat woman
A woman who has reached her late twenties or early thirties and hasn’t husbanded up. She is starting to feel her biological clock ticking and is looking for a man to plant his seed in her. She will make you wait, will be a little crazy in the head but will be amazing in bed.

The green card hunter
A younger girl or a girl from a poorer social class who just wants to get out of Brazil and sees you as her plane ticket. She’ll make it known that she wants to get out of Brazil and will ask you to take her. Just play into her fantasy and you’ll be in.

The Fattie
This girl is mildly overweight to somewhat chubby. Full on obese girls are still pretty rare in Brazil. These girls don’t get much attention early on in the night and start to get desperate later on. You shouldn’t pay attention to them until its 3am and you’re starting to get desperate. They might also be that drunk girl who is walking around alone.

The nationalist
This girl only speaks Portuguese, has no curiosity about foreign lands and has no interest in hooking up with foreigners. You’ll meet her at more traditional venues, like samba and forro. She will be unimpressed by your fluent Portuguese and will make it clear you should go away.

Some of these types overlap and the author may have left out a few, but these have been repeat characters during his time in Brazil.

Source: here

How To Impress A Brazilian Girl?

Just praise the Brazilians and Brazil Football, was the first answer a user who asked this question got from Quora here. The second:

I’d say show you really like her, Brazilians use a lot of affection when they like someone, give her a gift even if its not expensive. I dont know any Brazilian girl that does not like chocolate so that would be a good gift also.

Perfume. Every boy that has a nice perfume on will definitely get her attention!

Brazilian Girls And Online Dating

It looks like it is much easier to approach Brazilian girls in real life, than in internet. The online dating study of revealed that Brazil is not really the best place in the world for online dating. No wonder when there is always nice weather and people prefer to spend their time outside and not infront of the computer.

In the world ranking of 60 different nations, Brazil takes the 25th place in how easy is it is for a man to meet a girl in Brazil online. Of course the 25th place is not the worst and Brazil is even the best country to meet a girl in internet in Latin America, but still there are 24 better countries in the world for online dating.

60% of Brazilian girls reply to a message on a dating website. But only 30 percent of those who replied to the first message are ready to stay in contact and exchange more than 5 messages. The Total Acquaintance Probability of Brazilian girls in internet is 20,78%.

Brazilian Girls And Politics

Women were first allowed to vote in Brazil in 1932, but their political rights only became equal to men’s in 1945, when the vote became compulsory for both sexes. In Brazil less then 12% of elected politicians are female (source: here).

Political office in Brazil is gained by clientism, and since women rarely hold powerful positions in business, they are outsiders of the system. Brazilian women have achieved much, considering the low female literacy rate and traditional power system, but their equality continues to be a major challenge (source: here).

In an article published 20 hours ago, the Washington Post wrote that Brazilian women might be key to stop the far-right presidential candidate.

Problems Of Black And Native Girls From Brazil

Brazil gave men and women the same access to education, improved maternal health and reduced rates of adolescent pregnancy. Paradoxically, not all girls have benefited from these advances.

In the largest country of Latin America, girls of African and indigenous descent continue to be at a disadvantage, particularly in the poorest regions, according to a study of the World Bank.

Being a black or a native girl in Brazil it means to have a greater likelihood of a violent death. Brazil, in a comparison of 83 countries, had the fifth highest rate of femicide.

Source: here

The Relationship Status Of Brazilian Girls

The infidelity of a Brazilian girl is not accepted. Only mens infidelity is accepted in Brazil. Brazilian girls are more vocal about their relationships on social media as in other countries (source: Quora).

10% Of Brazilian girls are single. Brazil has seen a shift in young adults seeking financial independence prior to establishing a family of their own. This trend has resulted in more and more people living alone as they establish their careers. What does the future predict for Brazilian single girls? Can we expect to see an increase in the number of female single-member homes? The answer to this question is yet to be determined. The shaky political climate and the crippled economy in Brazil indicate that if the number of single-member households doesn’t decline, it will at least remain stable (source: here).

Which Foreign Men Are The Most Popular Among Brazilian Girls?

Unfortunately I could not find any statistics, but from forum postings of Brazilian girls about the topic it turned out that US-American and British men are the most popular among Brazilian girls.

Why White Brazilian Girls Are More Popular Than Black Brazilian Girls?

Even for black Brazilian men …

The Sex Life Of Brazilian Girls

Between 61 and 70 percent of Brazilian girls enjoy their sex life, was the result of following study here. This is quite top compared to the rest of the world.

Brazilian girls are one of the earliest in the world when having sex for the first time shows this article here. The average age for a Brazilian girl having sex for the first time is 17,3 years.

An author of the New York Times writes about Brazilians girls sex life: “I think there’s a lot of hypocrisy and a bit of fear involved.”. “Brazilian girls have this sexy image, of being at ease and uninhibited in bed. But anyone who lives here knows that’s not true.” “Brazil is a country of contradictions, as much in relation to sexuality as anything else,” said Richard Parker, a Columbia University anthropologist who is the author of “Bodies, Pleasures and Passions: Sexual Culture in Contemporary Brazil” and has taught and worked here. “There is a certain spirit of transgression in daily life, but there is also a lot of moralism.” Source: here.

Do Brazilian girls have a lot of sex compared to other girls from this world? The answer is a clear: NO! Their sexual activity is only average, confirms the latest result of the Durex Sex Study. While French girls are top in the world having sex 137 times a year, Brazil is only average by 96 times taking only the 32nd place.

The average foreplay time of a Brazilian girl before having sex is 19,6 minutes. That’s also just average. The longest foreplay times get English and German girls by around 22,5 minutes.

39% of Brazilian girls faked an orgasm in the past 12 months at least one time.

People around the world have had an average number of 10.5 sexual partners. The Chinese have had more sexual partners than anyone else – 19.3 compared with the Brazilians in second place (15.2). Those in Vietnam have had the fewest sexual partners – 2.5

More than a quarter (27%) own a vibrator or intimate massager. Icelanders are most likely to use vibrators (52%), with Brazil way down the list in 32nd place with 13%

Brazilian girls think that the most interesting features of a man are: attitude (17%), breasts/chest (14%) and bottom (13%)

Source: here.

Sexual Harassment

86% of Brazilian girls have experienced street harassment, was the result of a survey in 2016. In the scope of the survey, harassment includes unwanted, threatening, and abusive conduct against women that can take the form of verbal, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.

Brasília subway reserves women-only passenger car.  Most users said they felt safer from sexual abuse.

Types of harassment

Wolfwhistling is the most common form of public harassment of women (77%), followed by staring (74%), sexual comments (57%) and cursing (39%). Half of the respondents in Brazil said they have been stalked in the streets, 44% have experienced unwanted physical contact, 37% said they have been exposed to flashing (showing sexual organs) or other lascivious exhibition, and 8% have been raped in public spaces.

“There is scarcely a woman that has never been harassed in a public space. This is a serious concern. Experiencing fear of harassment, of being insulted, stared at, stalked, even raped and murdered. These figures are striking when you consider that half of the women say they have been stalked in the street, and half say they have had their bodies touched,” says Nadine Gasman.

Source: here

Violence And Crime Towards Brazilian Girls

Brazil, a vibrant country of celebration and colour, hides a dark secret.

Recent statistics show that every 15 seconds a woman is assaulted; every two hours a woman is murdered; 59 per cent of people know a woman who has been a victim of violence; and 65 per cent of attacks on women happened behind closed doors. It has the seventh highest rate of violence against women in the world and within the past three decades, at least 92,000 women have been killed inside their homes.

Source: here


Brazilian Girls And Having Children

Brazilian girls today do not want to get pregnant anymore compared to generations some decades ago. The birth rate in Brazil in the last 50 years dropped from 6 to 1,73 children.


How Brazilian Girls Look Like?

Brazilian girls in the video: Bruna Boechat, Martha Streck, Maria Heloisa, Aalling, Fiorella Gelli Mattheis, Sancler Frantz Konzen, Solange Wilvert, Caroline Trentini, Lais Ribeiro, Barbara Fialho, and Emanuela de Paula.

Link gallery of famous Brazilian girls

Adriana Lima from Bahia – Supermodel

Flavia Monti – Centerfold

Karoline Schwonke – Centerfold

Maria Sophie – Model

Nalu Kasmierski – Model

Thays Leao from Porto Alegre – Model

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