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How are girls in Italy?

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How are girls in Italy? Italian Girls

How Are Italian Girls?

Italy has many variants, you will see many differences between North and South: in North girls are generally more fanatics, they care a lot about fashion and they are career women. While in South Italy girls are warmer, they love to cook and to spend a lot of time with family. In South Italy life is slower, there is La Dolce Vita, girls eat without caring a lot about the perfect size, they are poorer but enjoy more the life 🙂 But in North services are much more efficent.

Girls of North Italy are blonder and have whiter skin and they look like models, while in South there are “Bellezze Mediterranee” ( Mediterranean beauties), black hair, dark skin, large hips and big thighs.

Italian girls are overruled by men. They are discriminated on the ground of their gender, so Italian girls are very patient with men, but they don’t trust them easily. That’s why Italian girls don’t look much easy-going. They only hope to find a man who is going to respect them in an equal relationship. They’d love to find an independent man, who is not fanatic for his mom and who is able to manage a home alone.

Italian girls are irrational, if you give them too much attention, they say you oppress them, if not enough, you don’t care about them.

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5 Important Characteristics Of Italian Girls

1st They are passionate

2nd They love food

3rd Family always comes first

4th They have the curves

5th They know how to party

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How To Date An Italian Girl?

You need to take care of your appearance. Dress well! Especially for the first date.

Source: Rick’s Rome


You Know You Are Dating An Italian Girl

Italian girls want to know everything about your mother. And who is more important in your life. Your mother or your partner.

They also want to know if the ex girlfriend was good looking and if there is still contact. If yes, she won’t accept that.

Sometimes the first dates feel like an interview process.

Italian girls love compliments. The more the better.

Italian girls are passionate. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s bad.

Italian Girls Are Difficult To Meet And To Approach

Italian girls are just out for a drink with good friends, often in a mixed boy-girl group that has been tight for ages, known in Italian as a collettiva, and so they are impossible to approach (source: here).

My boyfriend says that Italian girls are really hard to pull though, which is why he liked it when he came to England because apparently you have to work really hard to get an Italian girl to dance/go out on a date/ kiss you, whereas here it’s easy (source: here).

16 Things You Need To Know If You’re Going To Date An Italian Girl

  • If you date her, you date her whole family
  • Her dad means everything to her
  • She will analyse the behaviour to your mother
  • Everything she knows about you, her mother will know as well
  • Cooking and eating is her passion
  • Your friends are important to her
  • Treat her friends with respect
  • Your parents will love her
  • She will brag about you
  • Be honest, if not, she will find out
  • She is emotional
  • Italian girls can be loud
  • She might be a diva
  • She has curves. Everywhere.
  • She likes to tell jokes
  • She won’t change her attitute

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How To Pick Up Italian Girls

– be like her father – Italian girls stack her new beau up to her father.

– impress her family

– know a lot about Italy

– be and act strong

– show manners

– dress fashionable

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How To Impress An Italian Girl?

– pay attention to style

– avoid political talks

– be confident

– never criticize the mother – not yours, not hers, or anyone elses

– learn Italian

– don’t pretend – be yourself

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Italian Girls And Politics

Italian girls are mostly right wing. In the general election of 2018 more females voted for the centre-right than males did. On the other side the liberal party was much more popular among males than among females.


The Relationship Status Of Italian Girls

The divorce rates in Italy are constantly growing, but still quite low compared to the rest of Europe. While in 1995 there were 158 separations and 80 divorces every 1,000 marriages, in 2011 they rose to 311 and 182, respectively. The average divorce age of an Italian girl is 43 years. Source: here

Which Foreign Men Are The Most Popular Among Italian Girls?

Italian girls tend to prefer two categories: either very masculine men, the typical Italian man basically, with dark hair and brown (or blue) eyes, or very pale, Northern phenotypes. Black and Asian men are not very popular among Italian girls, tells this Italian girl in Quora here.

The Sex Life Of Italian Girls

Italian girls have their first time quite late compared to the other girls of the planet. Only girls from some Asian countries have their first time later. In Europe Italian girls are on the last place. The average age for an Italian girl to have sex for the first time is 18,1. But when it comes to sexual partners, Italian girls are not that shy anymore. They have more sexual partners in their life as girls from France, UK, and even from the USA. In the statistics of unprotected sex, Italian girls are average. Almost every second Italian girl (46%) had unprotected sex not knowing the history of her sexual partner. Only 36 percent of Italian girls are happy with their sex life. This is one of the lowest values in Europe. Only Portuguese girls are more unhappy about their sex life as Italian girls: 33 percent.